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Hello, that's me!

Welcome to my website. On my website you can find information about my person, what I do and what inspires me every day.

After my apprenticeship as a system engineer with a good degree, I knew exactly what I would like and what my new job should offer to me:

  • fun at work
  • independence
  • self-employed

At the beginning of 2013, I began to work in direct marketing, and I quickly realized what is possible and that there are no boundaries to the top. In comparison to many other people I have met, I always had the help of my family. At a young age, my father always told me to be independent and self-employed and to pursue my goals. I am now active in over 10 countries and my team is growing.

Everyone is responsible for his future. You can also have success. Contact me for more info.

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what i do.

a small overview about my activities

independent work

I have the opportunity when I would like and where I would like to work - this is independence for me.

notebook lifestyle

With just my notebook and my passion I help other people to success - anywhere in the world.

around the world

I can do my job anywhere in the world. My job is to live my passion and to make new contacts.

make friends

A strong network is the success of every entrepreneur. By sharing the passion and success with other people is also growing success.

passive income

My job is not working for the moment, rather for my life and my future. Everything I build up remains.

joint venture

My partner company is a global market leader and has been represented in more than 150 countries for more than 35 years.

Let's work together!

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Zurich, Switzerland